How To Fix Peyronie’s Disease At Home & Alone

how to fix peyronie's disease at home aloneThe safest ways of curing the Peyronie’s disease at home & alone

The Peyronie’s disease which is also known as curvature of the penis occurs due to bleeding in an abnormal way while the penis is erect.

When fibrous tissues form under the skin of the penis, this disease occurs. It mainly occurs in men who are over the age of 40.

The signs of this disease are penis shortening during intercourse and acute pain of the penis.

There are a number of treatments which include taking medications, radiation and carrying out surgery. But these effects aren’t better than natural remedies.

Below mentioned are some of the best ways of curing the Peyronie’s disease at home.

Castor Oil

This is one of the terrific home remedies for curing the Peyronie’s disease. When it is applied to the top of the penis, especially on the tissue and plaque spots, it helps in dissolving and softening the hard tissue.

It works well for all men suffering from this disease. But benefits differ from every man as improvements may occur faster in some and slower in some.

The person needs to be patient as it takes around 12 weeks to straighten the penis. Improvement begins from 2-3 weeks.

For this, the person will need to purchase high-quality castor oil rather than a cheaper brand. Rub gently on the affected area of the penis and cover it with a cotton bandage for maintaining heat in the night. Do it every time before going to bed.

Gotu Kola

The Gotu kola is a herb which is known for reducing problems which occur when fibrous tissues are formed under the skin of the penis.

It helps in treating the Peyronie’s disease and is very effective.

Gotu Kola can be obtained in the form of a capsule, an ointment or tincture. For taking dosages, the person needs to properly follow all the instructions mentioned below on the bottle.


This is an enzyme which is found in pineapple juice or the pineapple stem. This enzyme will help in preventing any kind of fibrin deposition on the curvature of the penis. It has been prescribed for people to use 750 mg dosage of this enzyme, on an empty stomach thrice a day.

There are a number of side effects such as gastric discomfort and diarrhea. So be sure to first consult a doctor and then go ahead with the medication.


This is a nutrient found in the foodstuffs such as red meat, wheat, peanut butter and dairy products. Body fat can be turned into energy. This is also available in the form of a supplement.

Researching has shown that this supplement is much more effective and safe for treating the Peyronie’s disease. Some side effects which may occur are diarrhea and increase in appetite.

Changes In Lifestyle

Some of the things that a person will have to give up are completely quitting smoking, stop using illegal drugs and reduce their overall alcohol consumption. They should also begin exercising and remain fit and healthy.